The Swallow

By The Boys In The Gap

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  1. Sporting Paddy
    The Humours Of Scariff
    The Earl’s Chair
  2. The Curley Buachaill
    The Likely Lads
  3. Home By Bearna
  4. The Spailpin Fanach Set
  5. Donnacha Lynch’s
  6. Suzy’s
  7. The Headless Turkey
    The Hag With The Money
    The Swallow
  8. Timmy’s Eyes
    The Girl At 43
  9. Michael Kelly’s Arrest
  10. Les Pas Dans La Neige
  11. The Old Favourite
    Johnny Leary’s
    Eileen Ni Riordain’s
  12. Youna Voit La Marche
    Tony’s Aboard

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The Irish band from Bretagne

the Irish band from Bretagne.
Members are

Tony Mc CARTHY Wooden flute, Vocals, Bouzouki
Hervé BERTHO Fiddle
Marc THOUENON Guitar
Ronan Bléjean Accordion
David Hopkins Percussion

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