By Cuig

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  1. Balls To Hall
    Thomas Lynch’s
    The New Leaf
  2. Hunters House
    The New Prospect
    Sweet Is The Name Of Peggy
  3. The Bachelor
  4. The Pig
  5. I’m The Boy For Bewitching Them
    The Remortgage
  6. Malley’s
    Bridget O’Malley Song
  7. Wheel Hoss
    Tripping Up To Larne
  8. Seville Suite
    The Mooncoin
    Martin Mulvihill’s
  9. The American Stranger
  10. Lucy Farr’s No1
    Davy Spillane’s
    Lucy Farr’s No2
    The Hump

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Excellent debut album from this English-based Irish band. Cuig are Sean Taylor (fretless bass, percussion, keyboard), Norman Holmes (flute, whistle, percussion, bodhran), Martin Matthews (cittern, electric guitar, banjo, mandoline, vocals), Paul Ruane (fiddle), Deirdre Ruane (accordion, whistle).

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Glad that you entered this album, Hatao, I like it too.
You may want to put the apostrophe in Hunter’s House so it gets linked to the tune. Another fix is to exchange Lucy Farr’s #2 with Spillane’s.

Oops, Lucy Farr’s 2 does follow Spillane’s. Sorry.

"Seville Suite" should be "Caraçena," the name of the tune Bill Whelan composed for the *Seville Suite*.

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Re: Prospect

Track 3 has song (Bachelor) alternating with tune Hull’s Reel.

Re: Track 3 (The Bachelor)

Oops - tune with song is St. Kilda Wedding, not Hull’s as I posted earlier
(I should have checked instead of relying on my memory of title!)