40th Anniversary 1946 - 1986

By The Tulla Céilí Band

  1. Austin Tierney’s
    The Hare’s Paw
    The Dairy Maid
  2. The Doon
    The Union
  3. 100 Pipers
    Over The Hills
    The Priest And His Boots
  4. Where The River Shannon Flows
  5. The Windy Gap
    Kathleen Collins’
    The Tempest
  6. Kerry
    The Ballydesmond No. 2
    Bill Sullivan’s
  7. The Trip To Birmingham
    Speed The Plough
  8. The Old Bog Road
  9. Cooley’s
    Drag Her Around The Road
    Come West Along The Road
  10. The Job Of Journeywork
  11. Centenary March Selection
  12. The Enchanted Lady
    The Sailor On The Rock
    The Stoney Steps
  13. Love At Its Ending
    The Fair Wind
  14. Sweet Forget Me Not
  15. Caher
    The Blarney Pilgrim
    Behind The Haystack
  16. Lady Anne Montgomery
    Maude Millar
  17. Tulla Favourite
    Mary Bergin’s
  18. Lament For Tommie Daly
  19. Ennistymon Farewell
    The Concert
  20. The Donegal
    The Green Fields Of America
    Rolling In The Ryegrass

Two comments

I got this CD out of the library today. Nice everyday stuff from the Tulla Ceili Band. Nice arrangements of tunes too.

The Hornpipes on track 17 are just two well known reels at hornpipe pace.

Tulla Favourite = Sunny Banks
Mary Bergin’s = Boys of Ballinahinch

Re: 40th Anniversary 1946 - 1986

Fiddles - P.J. Hayes, Michael Murphy
Accordions - Sean Conway, Michael McKee
Flutes - J.C. Talty, J.J. Conway
Piano - George Byrt
Drums - Michael Flanagan
Vocals - Michael Whyte

5 - Fiddle solo, Hayes
7 - Flute solo, Conway
13 - Fiddle solo, Murphy
16 - Flute solo uncredited (Talty?)
19 - Flute, Fiddle duet, Talty and Murphy

I’ve owned this for a long time as a GTD cassette but with 2 songs per side, none of which I cared for, and the bother of skipping with the cassette format never played it much. Now I have tunes only on the mp3 player have have enjoyed it far more recently than in previous decades.

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