Traditional Music from East Clare

By Mary MacNamara

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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

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Any more compliment will be redundant.

Ho Ho

Would you like to amend the title of the last tune on track 13 so I can post a tune to link with it.
The Sweatheart!!! Hard work is it?

It was hard work with sweat. I have to do something with track 10 too.

I just found “The Sweetheart” under the title “Temple Hill”, posted the alternate title, and posted Mary Mac’s version in the comments. If slainte can get around to removing the slash and the definite articles in track 10, the entire album will be linked to the tune files.


Martin Hayes: fiddle (tracks 5, 7, 9, 10, 15)
PJ Hayes: fiddle (tracks 3, 7, 13, 15)
Seamus Quinn: piano

Sorry for having missed out such important details of this classic recording of East Clare music. Those who hates Martin Hayes’ recent fiddle playing would enjoy his duet with Ms. Mary MacNamara. The trio playing on the very last track is outstanding.

Does anyone have another name or a link to the tune on track 4 that she called Lad O’Beirne’s. It didn’t seem to be any of the tunes called by that name in the database. Thanks