Heart And Home

By Lucy Farr

  1. Within A Mile Of Dublin
  2. Dónal De Barra’s
    John Blessing’s
  3. Sliabh Aughty
  4. Fisherman’s Lilt
  5. The Boys Of The Town
  6. Andy Davy’s
  7. Paddy Fahey’s
  8. Willie Dear
    The Wheels Of The Train
  9. Lucy Farr’s
  10. Kilnamona
  11. Frank Downey’s
  12. Stepping Stones
    McShane’s Rambles
  13. Lucy Farr’s
  14. Paddy Fahey’s
  15. The Pullet And The Cock
  16. The Ballinakill
  17. Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
    Tomgraney Castle
  18. Pat McMahon’s
  19. The Hunter’s Purse
    The Hare’s Paw
  20. Sonny Comer’s
  21. Terry Teahan’s
    Gan Ainm
  22. McGovern’s Favourite
  23. Martin Kirwan’s
  24. Pat Burke’s

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Hearth and Home - the CD sleeve

If you are lucky enough to catch a copy of this out of print recording, be warned the tunelist is misnumbered twice, no number 9 on side one, so all the numbers are off by one and then the last after the one labeled 24 which should be only 23, is labeled 13.

But I’m not complaining. I only wish I had more of her recordings.


by recordings, I meant non-commercial since there are only a few tracks of her playing on commercially distributed recordings, i.e. on "Paddy in the Smoke" and the RTE DVD "Come West along the Road"

Where did you pick up this recording? I would love to get my hands on it but I suppose for content like this your best bet is to go to charity shops.

Correct Track List

1 Within a Mile of Dublin [Reel]
2 John Naughton’s_John Blessing’s [Jigs]
3 Sliabh Aughty [March]
4 The Fisherman’s Lilt (The Kerryman’s Daughter) [Reel]
5 The Regent (The Boys of the Town)_The Killimor [Jigs]
6 Paddy Fahey’s [Reel]
7 Packie Byrne’s [Jigs]
8 Gan Ainm [Fling]
9 The Kilnamona [Barn Dance]
10 Frank Downey’s [Hornpipe]
11Stepping Stones_McShane’s Rambles [Jigs]
12 Lucy Farr’s [Reel]
13 Paddy Fahey’s [Jig]
14 The Pullet and the Cock (Drag Her Round the Road) [Reel]
15 The Ballinakill [Polka]
16 Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine_Tomgraney Castle [Hornpipes]
17 Andy Davy’s [Reel]
18 Pat McMahon’s [Jig]
19 The Hunter’s Purse_The Hare’s Paw [Reels]
20 Sonny Comer’s [Fling]
21 Terry Teahan’s_Gan Ainm [Polkas]
22 McGovern’s [Reel]
23 Martin Kirwan’s [March]
24 Pat Burke’s [Jig]
25 The Ragged Hank of Yarn_The Maids of Mitchellstown [Reels]

Which track list is correct then?

I have the recording at home, I’ll check later.

Ok, so it’s a bit complicated

But I count 25 tracks, not 24. The original listing didn’t have Lucy Farr’s Barndance, which is clearly on my recording!

Jeremy - can you add a 25th track to this please? It’s "The Ragged Hank of Yarn/The Maids of Mitchelstown"

There is confusion about numbering, and the order, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the tunes listed at least.

Available here on Amazon, if you’re interested. http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Home-Irish-fiddle-music/dp/B00BDRIHPE

Incredibly, I found the correct Paddy Fahey’s reel on the second attempt!

Re: Heart And Home

Has anyone the original liner notes? I’m just curious to see what else was included information-wise.

Re: Heart And Home

I posted a short clip of Lucy on "Youtube". It came from a programme about the Irish in London. Here’s the link :


Nearly 9 1/2 thousand views so far.

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Re: Heart And Home

I have been looking for a tune that Randal Bays calls Lucy Farr’s reel. On the Amazon link to the Lucy Farr album (which doesn’t seem to be in its original form) the tune I want is #8 which someone is calling McFaddyen’s reel. Is there anyone who can tell me what they know of this tune?

Here’s the link again http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Home-Irish-fiddle-music/dp/B00BDRIHPE

Re: Heart And Home

In response to some fairly old comments and queries on this thread, I hope the following will be useful!

Lucy’s Heart and Home album is available either as a download or - as of 1st February 2020 - as a CDR re-release from Veteran Mail Order. http://veteran.co.uk/VT123DR.htm

The definitive track list and original liner notes are here. Whilst there may be some discussion over tune titles, the order is correct.

We’re now running a Veteran Facebook page which includes photos and stories of Lucy – https://www.facebook.com/veteranmailorder

Katie Howson, Veteran Records

1. Within a Mile of Dublin [Reel]
2. John Naughton’s/ John P. Blessing’s [Jigs]
3. Sliabh Aughty [March]
4. The Fisherman’s Lilt (The Kerryman’s Daughter) [Reel]
5. Portroe (The Boys of the Town)/ The Killimor [Jigs]
6. Paddy Fahey’s [Reel]
7. Packie Byrne’s [Jigs]
8. McFaddyen’s (Reel)
9. Gan Ainm (Lucy Farr’s Barndance) [Fling]
10. Frank Downey’s [Hornpipe]
11. Stepping Stones/ McShane’s Rambles [Jigs]
12. Lucy Farr’s (1990) [Reel]
13. Bobby Casey’s (The Ragged Hank of Yarn)/ The Maids of Mitchellstown [Reels]
14. Paddy Fahey’s [Jig]
15. The Pullet and the Cock (Drag Her Round the Road) [Reel]
16. The Ballinakill [Round Polka]
17. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/ Tomgraney Castle [Hornpipes]
18. Andy Davy’s [Reel]
19. Pat McMahon’s [Jig]
20. The Hunter’s Purse/ The Hare’s Paw [Reels]
21. Sonny Comer’s [Fling]
22. Terry Teahan’s/ Gan Ainm [Polkas]
23. McGovern’s [Reel]
24. Martin Kirwan’s [March]
25. Pat Burke’s Jig

The music on this album spans some seventy years, from Lucy Farr’s childhood in Ballinakill, County Galway, right up to 1992. For part of that time, between the mid-1930s, when she left home, until the 1950s, Lucy did not play at all because of the demands of raising a family and working as a nurse, then, greatly encouraged by her husband Eric, she rediscovered her musical interests and subsequently figured prominently in London Irish music circles from the 1960s on. She, inevitably, had forgotten more than she could recall.

Nonetheless, some of the tunes here have clear echoes of Ballinakill: her father’s march, for instance (tr.24) and the Round Polka (tr.16); Sonny Comer’s fling (tr.21) and the Slieve Aughty march (tr.3) got from her neighbour, Aggie Whyte. Indeed, most of the music has associations with friends and neighbours. On all tracks, the titles Lucy’s uses are given and alternatives provided where appropriate, and she usually names them after the particular musician from whom she got the music.

All the pieces have a characteristic stamp, a direct way of playing which yet enjoys subtlety of decoration, above all with timing and rhythm. Lucy has a strong affinity for the ‘quare’ tune and its wild yet plaintive streak. On these recordings she tends to play in a relaxed, ‘listening’ mode, often single tunes. There are two personal notes to add, shared, no doubt, by many others. First, Lucy is generous with her tunes and her time, a self-deprecating player and an excellent teacher. She still has the ability to absorb new tunes and, in a modest way, to compose (her own reel (tr.12) was put together late in 1990). Second, it was her insistence that Howard (Marshall) and I joined her on flute and concertina, on some tracks, and we hope that all the countless musicians who might have done so will take this simply as a demonstration of the here and now, of the way in which Lucy continues to be a remarkable and inspiring musician. - RoIy Brown (1992)

Lucy is joined by Roly Brown on concertina, tracks 3, 9, 17 & 24 and by Howard Marshall on flute, tracks 5 & 20. These are essentially field recordings made in 1991/92 at Lucy’s flat in Thatcham, Berkshire.