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Eliot Grasso & Dave Cory

A fantastic new CD release featuring Eliot on pipes & Eflat flute, Dave on banjo, guitar & octave mandolin. It’s all pretty much summed up at the following link, where you can also purchase the CD:

The Baltimore CD launch party is scheduled for Sunday, September 10 @ 8:30pm for a Sunday Drivers in J. Patrick’s Pub. Dave will be flying all the way from Portland, OR, plus Andy Thurston will be playing on guitar. Since Eliot will be leaving shortly thereafter for a year in Limerick to study ethnomusicology, it’s a safe bet that the Baltimore scene will be turned out in full to send its best wishes to its favorite piper & prodigal son!

For more information on Eliot, check out his homepage at

Elliot’s version of “Blarney Pilgram” is s-l-o-w-l-y migrating its way into my playing. He’ll have a great time at UL

DOH-It just dawned on me who Dave Cory is- He’s an amazing string player-plays banjo as well as I recall from Seattle

Dave Cory recently moved to Portland --- as it seems many former Seattle players (ie. Hans Araki and others). are. Doh! I had the chance to play at one session with him at Irish Emigrant. Amazing banjo player. Eliot may end up somewhere in Oregon as well after University of Limerick. Double-Doh! Check out for updates. -Dan

absolutely brilliant cd-i don’t know if i’ve heard a better cd for years if at all-i know people say great things about some cd’s but i think this is one of the very few that actually deserves that type of credit


Its really interesting to hear a pipes/banjo combination. This recording goes to prove that anything can work if the musicians gel together properly. Feck all that prejudices against certain combos, thats an excuse for bad musicianship!