Slowplay Jigs, Reels And Hornpipes

By Jeffrey Hillgrove

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Is this recording any good?

Re: Slowplay Jigs, Reels And Hornpipes

This recording has been very helpful to me. As a beginner with the bodhran, I cannot keep up with the faster reels and jigs. This CD was recommended by The reason it worked for me was that I was a hungry to play a song, any song! I was tired of accompanying a metronome. I can play these songs, work on rhythms, and practice tune recognition. Additionally, they are great to listen to when you just want to slow down. I bought them on iTunes and have arranged them into sets for practice. All there is on the recording is a guitar and a very soft bodhran so I can listen to them without getting lost like I might if there were several instruments playing melody, etc. Well-worth my time and money!