By Oisre

  1. The Diplodocus
  2. Nil Se Na La
  3. Whoo!
    MacArthur Road
    Johnny D’s
    Waiting By The Door
  4. Kimiad
  5. Gwendal
  6. The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
  7. The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn
    Snot Rocket

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Have a listen—I need some reviews!

Hey y’all, this is Charlene from the band Oisre and if anyone gets around to reading this, you should check out our websites and listen to our music:

We want to hear some feedback about how we’re doing. Our goal is to play Traditional Irish music with a progressive flavor, along the lines of Solas, Altan, Lunasa, etc.

Thanks for reading!

Charlene Adzima

Re: Oisre

Both the above links are dead.

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