Morning Rory

By Michael McGoldrick

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Track 7

I carelessly omitted the second tune of the track when posting this recording. It’s Mike’s own composition “Baby Rory’s Slip Jig”:

Does anybody know the nameless reel on track 9? It sounds a bit like “Boys of the Lough” but is different.

Andy McGann’s

slainte - this tune was recorded by Kevin Burke and Jackie Daly on the “Eavesdropper” LP. They called it “Andy McGann’s”.

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Thanks Kenny. That’s a fabulous tune but not posted yet on this site, I think. I’ll appreciate if you can spare some time to transcribe it. I’m not good enough to turn M. McGoldrick’s fast and fully ornamented playing into dots.

Will do

Bit busy at the moment, slainte - but give me few days, I’ll have a go.

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“Gan Ainm” on track 9.

The nameless tune on track 9 was recorded by Kevin Burke & Jacky Daly as “Andy McGann’s”. I’ve posted it under that name - it’s the “Andy McGann’s” in the key of “D”.

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