Another Time

By Gavin Whelan

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Gavin Whelan "Another Time"

I loved his first CD. I love this one even more. His playing is more intense and his style had evolved into someting more personal and recognizable. The backing musicans are the same as on his first as well-Zoe Conway, Eoin O’Neill, Colm Murphy, Finbar Naughton, Aogan Lynch, Gavin Ralston, Donnacha Moynihan. Fiercly tradtional yet representaive of today’s younger Irish musicians. This CD should put Gavin on the map.

I hope so,
He’s a lovely fella, even with the piercings.
Lovely Gavin

Track 13 Correction

The first tune sounds like "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" to my ears…and the second tune is definitely the Paddy O’Brien composition called "Hanley’s Tweed"

"Another Time" is another nice recording from Gavin!

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Gavin on Geantrai

Fantastic set there, Gavin- passionate playing.