Borders Boxes

By Various Artists

  1. The Stomach Steinway Man
  2. John Keith Laing
    Hutchie’s Bash
  3. Return To Stewarty
  4. Interview
    The Sidlaw Hills
  5. Jim McAllister
  6. The Grouse’s Revenge
    Denis’s Tune
  7. The Sidlaw Hills
    Gay Gordons
  8. Alyson’s
    Stick Your Foot In The Door
  9. Marian
  10. Lady Elspeth Campbell
  11. Interview
  12. Robin Marshall’s
    Bob Parson’s
  13. Katy Broom Lowthian
  14. Major Manson’s Farewell To Clackentrusal
    Alasdair Gilles
  15. Mum’s Tune
  16. Interview
    Laird O’ Drumblair
  17. Gary Lowthian Too
  18. The Wild Rose Of The Mountain
  19. The Pink Panther
  20. Tranquillo Overture (excerpt)

One comment


Although I am not a "box" player, I have to say this is a great CD!