Aberdeen Folk Club ‘A Celebration’

By Various Artists

  1. Peter Cunningham’s Highland
    James Byrne’s
  2. Gentle Annie
  3. Come All Ye Lovely Lovers
  4. May Mornin’ Dew
  5. Grat For Gruel
  6. Cherokee Shuffle
  7. Hishie Ba
  8. Sportin’ Life Blues
  9. Collieston Calling
  10. The Country Girl And The Hungarian Fiddler
  11. Th’ Owd Brown ‘en
  12. The Merchant’s Son
  13. MacCrimmon’s Lament
  14. At It Again
    The Swaggering
  15. Farewell Tae Tarwathie
  16. Apple Wine
  17. Fa Fa Fa Wid Be A Bobby
    Foul Friday
  18. Donal Dubh
    St Kilda Wedding
    The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Welcome To The Shetland Islands
    The Trip To Windsor
  19. Silken Snood
  20. The Foxhunter’s
    The Rakes Of Mallow
  21. Hush Hush
  22. The Celtic Lament
    The Duke Of Fife’s Farewell To Tayside
  23. Bonny Udny
  24. Western Country
    Sugar Hill
  25. Kilbogie
  26. Auld Lang Syne

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Aberdeen Folk Club - ‘A Celebration - 30 Years of Music & Song’

At least three members here at thesession.org, were involved in this recording, back in 1992.
Others on this cassette are now, sadly, no longer with us.

Tracks were by:
Side 1
1 - Peter Cunningham & Dick Glasgow
2 - Lizzie Higgins
3 - Ian MacDonald
4 - Gillian Scott & Ron Pirie
5 - Jimmy McBeath
6 - Ray Stewart
7 - Arthur Argo
8 - Marshall Dow
9 - Kathleen Robertson & Dick Trickey
10 - Kenny Hadden & Ron Pirie
11 - Stuart Ashton
12 - The Guagers
13 - Jeannie Robertson

Side 2
14 - The Moving McLeods
15 - Danny Couper
16 - Dick & Maggie Trickey
17 - Bob Cooney
18 - Karen Paterson
19 - Aileen Carr
20 - Arthur Middleton
21 - Carol Waugh
22 - Peter Hope
23 - Ian Hamilton
24 - Ray Stewart
25 - Norman Kennedy
26 - Janice Clark & Niall MacKinnon

Hey Dick, I didn’t know that Jimmy McBeath, Jeannie Robertson, and Lizzie Higgins were members of the Session.org 🙂

Aberdeen Folk Club - ‘A Celebration - 30 Years of Music & Song’

Well reminded John, I meant to add this quote from the sleeve notes:

"Worthy of special mention is the performance by the late Arthur Argo, the driving force behind the formation of the club in 1962.
Aberdeenshire is unique as a source of traditional song.
This is reflected in the performances by Jeannie Robertson & Jimmy McBeath, both of whom appeared regulsrly at the club."

Now, when was the session.org started? 😉

I would love to hear this recording. A friend of mine, Karen Paterson, plays there in track 18. Do you know when this was recorded? Thanks.


"Ptarmigan" says right at the top - 1992. Where do you know Karen from, McGregor ? e-mail me throught he site - I think I might have a spare copy.

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Well, I’m sitting here trying to work out who is behind all these user names. No room to speak though - it’s Karin Paterson here. Hello everyboy!! Somewhere along the way my copy of this album went astray - any chance of getting one from anywhere???

Aberdeen Folk Club - ‘A Celebration - 30 Years of Music & Song’

Hey Hotstring! How’s it going - or rather Foo’s it gang quine? Are you still in Norway?

Hey Dick, you spelt my surname wrong, it should be "Pirrie". BTW, met Kathleen at the end of a very long queue for "The Tasty Bake", or some shop named like that on the main street in Miltown.

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Track 14

…is Andy M.Stewart’s comical song "At It Again", followed by "The Swaggering Jig".

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