The Piper’s Rock

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Piper’s Rock

Legendary compilation of unknown, but very talented, young uilleann pipers, recorded 1978:

Davy Spillane, Jimmy O’Brien-Moran, Robbie Hannan, Gabriel McKeon, Maire Ni Ghrada, Mick O’Brien, Eoin O’Riabhaigh

Eh ????????

"Unknown" ?????????

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Unknown Pipers

you should reas the comments more precisely 😉

Unknown of course in 1978, that has changed for most of them since…

The Pipers

Davy Spillane 1, 14
Jimmy O’Brien-Moran 2, 8
Robbie Hannon 3, 13
Gabrial McKeon 4,12
Maire Ni Ghrada 5, 11
Mick O’Brien 6, 10
Eoin O’Riabhaigh 7, 9

swisspiper - none of those players were "unknown" in 1978 - not to me anyway, and since I’m a mere Scot, they certainly weren’t unknown in Ireland.

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I would agree with Kenny. I had heard most of these pipers and knew who they were by 1978. I recall Gabriel McKeon in particular had a lot of radio exposure even before this recording.

WOW I had no idea that no one had posted this before!! I love this recording XD


OK, I have to confess my first message has been overstated. Mick O’Brien and Robbie Hannan have been just 17 year old lads, so young was true for sure, unknown may be not to everybody 😉


Jimmy O’Brien-Moran plays a variation of "The Yellow Wattle" on this recording,quite different from the common one. I’ve never heard anyone else play it. It would be nice to know where he got it from. Who’s Eamonn?

Re: The Piper’s Rock

There is actually a fourteenth track - Davy Spillane playing ‘A Job of Journeywork’.

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