In The Middle Of The Night

By Theresa Larkin And Noel McQuaid

One comment

I got this from a family friend today. Multi-instrumentalists Theresa Larkin (Accordion, piano, fiddle, synthesiser, mandolin, whistle, flute/fife) and Noel McQuaid (a range of stringed instruments and synthesisers) are based in Tipperary.

Noel has a shop in Tipperary, Nenagh I think so some may know him from there.

The album itself isn’t bad. There is a nice selection of different tunes including Waltzs, Breton Pieces, O’Carolan pieces and some rare airs. Of course, they have tracks of jigs, reels and hornpipes.

They are well played and most arrangements are quite nice and are joined by some percussionists and a dancer (on track 1), Paul Ryan.

On the negative side, some times they play with too much reverb and also, some synthesiser work is cheesy.

Still, an album I’m happy to have but it’s not an essential.