Marching Out Of Time

By The Fifes And Drums Of Colonial Williamsburg

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  1. Old Lancashire
    Hornpipe By Purcell
    Hornpipe By Mr. Festing
    Hornpipe By Purcell
  2. Lochaber Nae More
    Hot Punch
  3. Paddy Whack
    The Irish Widow
    The Sheep Shearers
    William Glen
    Sir Roger De Coverly
    Andrew Cary
    I’ll Towzel Yer Kurchey
  4. Night Piece No. 28
    McGregor Of Rora
    Flow Gently Sweet Afton
  5. Watkin’s Ale
    Before I Was Married
  6. A Blind Lover
    Before I Was 15 Years
    The Merry Meeting
  7. Singlings And Doublings Of The Troop
    O’Carolan’s Lament
    The Jolly Pedlar
  8. The Dusty Miller
    Miss Eleanor Kerr’s
    The Dusty Miller
  9. The McKenzie Highlanders
    The Drunken Piper
    The 74th Highlanders
  10. Singlings And Doublings
    Mill Hill
    Light Horse March
  11. Music For The Royal Fireworks
    A Trumpet Tune
  12. Planxty George Brabazon
    The Grassy Turf
  13. Lord Dunmore’s Delight
    Open Beating - Caledonia
    New Coldstream March
    Open Beating - Philidor
    Gavotte By Corelli
  14. Rondeau Gracieusement
  15. Coburg Marsch
  16. The Faery Dance
    Lass O’ Patie’s Mill
    Tail Toddle
  17. La Royal Loverie Gavot
  18. Kelvin Grove
    Johnnie Scobie
    Wha Saw The 42nd?
  19. Fy Gar Rub Her O’er With Straw

Three comments

ouch - I submitted the form in caps, I’m fixing it now!

By the Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg, a reenactment group in Williamsburg, VA.

Some of these tunes sound very familiar to me although the titles given are totally foreign. I’m in the process of researching other names they might go by so they can be linked on this site. I’ll also try to get some ABC’s up as they are quite good.

It’s military music performed as such, quite sharp. Very little window dressing.

Tune links

For some reason titles of like tunes spelled the same way aren’t linking to the tunes on this recording, I’ll try to find more, here’s Roger De Coverly, slip jig.