By Kúla

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  1. Music For A Found Harmonium
    The Mountain Lark
  2. King Of The Pipers
    Limestone Rock
    Mol An Tiarna
  3. Fleur De Mandrigore
    Jackie Coleman’s
    The Mouth Of The Tobique
  4. The Star Of Munster
    Billy Brocker’s
    Pinch Of Snuff
  5. Willie Clancy’s
    Ronde De Loudeac
    Master Crowley’s #2
  6. Friends In The Morning
  7. The Happy Tune
  8. John Boyle’s
    Fig For A Kiss
    The Floating Crowbar
  9. Primrose Lasses
    Singing Stream
  10. Johnny’s Wedding
    Lord MacDonald’s
    The Gravel Walk
  11. Farewells
  12. The Split Top Drawer
    Butlers Of Glenn Avenue
    Morris Avenue
    Jenny’s Chickens
    Toss The Feathers

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Would love comments on our music

Hi, I’m David Dickerson, the guitarist from Kúla, and I’d love to hear what people think, comments or criticisms (as long as it’s constructive) on our music. You can hear some samples at our website: that are taken from the CD. Our sound actually has evolved quite a bit since putting that CD out earlier this year, much tighter, and even more energetic (no, that doesn’t always mean faster).

A Suggestion

Put up some sound clips, nobody wants to buy what they haven’t heard.

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Re: ALive

The ‘kulaband’ link is dead.

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