Celanova Square

By Calico

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Celanova Square

Calico is a quite influencial band in the Irish music scene. Lunasa recorded Diarmaid Moynihan’s compositions twice, and also Flook and Michael McGoldrick did once.

Most of the young Irish musicians play really fast, but this band don’t. The members carefully choose fine, lovely tunes and play them in a medium tempo.

Quite unique band full of modern flavor, but the members’ humble approach to music must be highly admired.

Calico - Gan Ainm - Track 8

I was just listening to Brendan Mulvihill’s “The Flax in Bloom” LP and recognized “Billy Rush’s” jig as the same tune listed as Gan Ainm, the opener on track 8 of Calico’s “Celanova Square.”
Brendan plays it in the key of “A” while Calico play it the key of “C.”


It’s nice to finally put a name to a favourite tune!

John ‘Watt’ Henry’s on Track 7

It appears as The Casagh Reel on Catherine McEvoy’s very recent solo album. I might edit the track details to avoid confusion.