In The Fields In Frost And Snow

By Chris Norman Ensemble

  1. As I Went Out Upon The Ice
    Babe In The Wood
  2. In The Fields In Frost And Snow
    Wanton Season
    Christmas Cheer
  3. In Those Twelve Days
    Adam Fut Un Pauvre Homme
    Joseph Est Bien Marié
  4. Or Nous DÎtes Marie
  5. The Flagon
    Last Pint Of Ale
    The Ale Is Dear
  6. Huron Carol
    Valse De Crève De Faim
    Mon Habit N‘a Qu’un Bouton
  7. Snowflake
    Star In The East
  8. Chantons Je Vous Prie Noel Hautement
    Je Me Suis Levé Par Un Matinée
    Joseph Est Un Bon Compagnon
    Un Jour Dieu Se Résolut
  9. Let The Wind Blow High Or Low
    The Snow On The Hills
    The West Gale
    Christmas Eve
  10. Variations On ‘Good Kind Wenceslas’
  11. Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy

One comment

No comment from the person who posted it, or anyone else, 7 years later. There’s some fine playing on this “Christmas” CD. Chris Norman’s solo “Variations On Good King Wenceslas” [ Track 11 ] is a great piece of flute playing, and worth the price of the CD for that track alone.