Tree Baatyn Beggey

By Kirsty And Katie Lawrence

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  1. Fringe-o-Rama
    Louis’s First Christmas
    The Loft Dwellers
  2. Graih Foalsey
  3. Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie
    Ta Cashen Ersooyl
  4. A Tune For Grandad
  5. O Kirree T’ou Goll
    Cum Y Çhenn Oanrey Çheh
    Jerrey Yn Theill
  6. Rosie And Andy’s Mad Tune
    Peter O’Tavy
  7. Sergeant Early’s Dream
    The Graf Spee
  8. Injebreck
    Wayne’s Tune
    Peacocks And Pillows
    Zorro Beg
  9. The Ghost Of Cashen’s Gap
  10. Master Crowley’s
    Lough Mountain
    Bunker Hill
  11. Kinsale Beach
  12. Flitter Dance
    Eunnyssagh Vona

Three comments

ABC for the tunes

I’ll try and get the ABC for the tunes up as soon as I can. Might be half term before I get the chance though - parents evening next week!) Cheers.

I’ve listened to the sound clips on your website and very impressed. Well done. How are you going to sell the CD’s?
Have you looked at eMusic?