The Savage Hornpipe

By Pete Cooper And Richard Bolton

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  1. Roadrage
  2. Persian Ricardo
  3. Maiden Lane
    The World Turned Upside Down
  4. Synapse
    Hod The Lass
  5. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  6. Ashley’s
    The Savage
  7. The Sleeper
  8. Snicket
    G For Gnosall
  9. Acton Township
  10. The Lover’s Ghost
  11. Katya
  12. Ironlegs
    The Sportsman’s
  13. Salisbury Plain
  14. Wilbye’s Lament
  15. The Galopede

One comment

The Savage Hornpipe

This CD is, in my opinion, much better than PC & RB’s last one, Turning Point, which is good. On this they let themselves expand a bit more, no longer confining themselves to the fiddle and cello, but using more instruments, and singing a bit too.There are 4 songs on here, all rather good. Everything is English, or written by somebody English. Judging by the sleeve notes, a huge amount of research went into this, dredging up manuscripts by hardly-known musicians from the depths of the 17th century and the like. But also some very cool modern stuff in there as well. Definitely worth getting.