The Plain Of Jars

By Brian Kelly

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Quite good actually

Brian’s second CD, launched at Return To Camden, 2006.

Brian Kelly - Banjo & Mandolin
Paddy Gallagher - Guitar
Jamie Smith* - Fiddle
Colette O’Leary - Piano Accordian
Sean Read - Harmonium & Mini Moog
Tad Sargeant - Bodhran

(*Was he the best you could find?)

hRm…the title of this CD, is it referring to the Plain of Jars in Laos?

Tune names

Sources close to Brian Kelly state that some of the tune names may be, er, somewhat lacking … e.g. the Dee (D) and Aye (A) reels for starters 🙂

The same sources state that they *may* be corrected on the next batch. So please let me know here if you have ideas … once you’ve heard the CD of course*. Ta.

(*Circular logic, I know; best I can do after a week at Camden.)


I’d leave that for others better qualified than me to judge. But his style is fast, fluent, plenty of variations in terms of melody and phrasing.

Jamie Smith

I personally think Jamie Smith is one the best Fiddle players around. Brian did well to get him on the album as well as Colett, Paddy, Sean and Tad.

So in my view he is the best!

BK Is a great banjo player - very cool playing. Colette, tad, Paddy and Jamie are also all awesome players so i cant wait to hear the album.
Hi John🙂

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Brian Kelly CD

Where can I get a hold of this CD.

Brian’s in the process of organising distribution. I’ll post here when I hear something. If anyone else hears first, please do tell.

Plain of jars

Does anyone know where one can buy a copy of Brian Kelly’s new album the Plain of Jars? I have looked at Amazon, Custy’s etc but keep drawing a blank……