Fiddle Music 101

By Ashley MacIsaac

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  1. MacKinnon’s March
    Calum Breugach
    Christy Campbell
    Neil R. MacDonald
    John Of Badenyon
    Hamish The Carpenter
    Wissahickon Drive
    Put Me In The Big Chest
  2. Christmas Carousing
    Let’s Have A Ceilidh
    Listen To The Mocking Bird
  3. Beauties Of The Ballroom
    I Won’t Do The Work
    Bonnie Strathmore
  4. Big John MacNeil
    Gan Ainm
  5. The Highlands Of Banffshire
    Trips With David
    Sister Dolena Beaton’s
    Reichswall Forest
  6. Maxim’s
  7. The Bog O’Gight
    Ann MacNamara
    Pretty Marion
    The Hurricane
    The Contradiction
    The Flail
    Dan J. Campbell’s
  8. Gan Ainm
    The Mid Lothian Pipe Band
    Ann MacFarlane’s Favourite
  9. I’d Rather Be Married Than Left
    Gan Ainm
    Golden Rod
    Catherine MacIsaac’s Wedding Day
  10. Tarbolton Lodge
    Molly McGuire
    Charlie Hardie
    Prince Charlie

Seven comments

A wonderfully spontaneous recording, by two fine musicians…

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perhaps the finest Cape Breton fiddler and accompanying guitar player. Great tunes boys.

Needs to be edited in database

To me this is one of the finest Cape Breton fiddle recordings; perfect, and essential.

Problem with the database though; this won’t show up on a search of ‘Ashley MacIsaac’ so you won’t find it unless you search the title.

No problem….

It will show up if you search for "Ashley" or "MacIsaac". Even a search for "Dave" narrows it down to 30 entries.

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Still needs to be edited

Fine, but if you search for Ashley MacIsaac, you will find a half dozen other CD’s but not this one, and I’ll bet that’s the search term most people would use. This also makes it sound like Ashley and Dave are related, and if they are, it’s the first I’ve ever heard of it.

Don’t search for "Ashley MacIsaac" - I’ve already given you 3 alternatives, all of which will find the recording.
If that”s not enough for you, and you still think editing is necessary, then contact "errik", who posted the recording and request that he changes it. We all know this website is not perfect.
Nobody above has suggested that they are related, nor does it really matter as far as the recording is concerned.

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"MacIsaac & MacIsaac: Fiddle Music 101"

Ashley MacIsaac - fiddle
David MacIsaac - acoustic guitar

Hopefully errik will make restitution with an edit…