An Crann Carraige (Concertina Melodies From Tuamgraney, East Clare)

By Martin O’Brien

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  1. The Trip To Birmingham
    The Road To Rio
  2. The Corn Stack
    Miss McDonald’s
  3. Dancing In Kinvara
    The Green Castle
  4. The Ewe
    The Mountain Top
  5. Munster Bacon
    The Swan Among The Rushes
  6. The Spohane
  7. The Mist Covered Mountain
    The Banshee Wail
  8. The Old Dudeen
    Mary MacMahon Of Ballinahinch
  9. Quinn’s Favourite
    The Restless Boy
  10. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Rainy Day
  11. The Rooms Of Dooagh
    The Old Flail
  12. Junior Crehan’s Fling
    Liz Carroll’s

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An Crann Carraige

Martin grew up in Co. Clare, Ireland. This CD comprises some of his favourite tunes played at a relaxing pace. In his opionin music is much more than notes and technique. Each tune has its own story to tell. He feels we are forever indebted to all those who composed and passed on this music.

This is a wonderful CD for anyone interested in the concertina and in traditional music played at a beautiful pace.

Very, very similar in style to Mary MacNamara (to my ears) - solely based on this first cd, I think he just has the edge. Really smooth playing.

Vincent Brodericks

This tune on the cd is actually a jig called “The Old Flail” by V.B.

T:Vincent Broderick’s
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one of my favourites. music as it should be: unrushed but lively. great rythm, fantastic player.

I just received a copy from Martin . I couldn’t find it in Custy’s shop site.

20Euro ince p&p

A great laid back record. Nice style and feeling.

Just listened to this cd yesterday. I was in Longford visiting my Grandma’s sister and her husband pulled it out. They know Martin’s family, and wanted to see what I think. It was a great cd and such a shame I hadn’t heard it years ago! I could hear Mary MacNamara’s influence right away.

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Re: An Crann Carraige (Concertina Melodies From Tuamgraney, East Clare)

I wonder if track 6 is actually The Spokane waltz. There isn’t a townland in Ireland called ‘Spohane’.

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