So Many Partings

By Silly Wizard

  1. A Scarce O’Tatties
  2. The Valley Of Strathmore
  3. Bridget O’Malley
  4. A.A. Cameron’s
    Mrs. Martha Knowles
    The Pitnacree Ferryman
    The New Shillin’
  5. Donald McGillavry
    O’Neill’s Cavalry March
  6. The Highland Clearances
  7. Miss Catherine Brosnan
  8. Wi’ My Dog And Gun
  9. Miss Shepherd
    Sweeney’s Buttermilk
    Splendid Isolation
    Mrs Lawrie’s

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Re: So Many Partings

No comments after 11 years ? A band gone but not forgotten. Johnny and Andy RIP.
The last 2 reels on the final track were listed on the sleeve as “McGlinchey’s Reels” - both were composed by Brendan McGlinchey.

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Re: So Many Partings

Silly Wizard is surprisingly little known in Ireland, even among those who’s open to Scottish and other recordings “not fitting” the usual ITM canon. That’s from my experience at least - I’d say in Russia they enjoy better recognition! Which, if accurate, would be a shame. They actually recorded quite a few Irish songs, and the quality of Andy M. Stewart’s singing is outstanding (it may not be “sean-nós” singing as such, but it’s definitely a special, rich and ornamented style that leaves a deep emotional imprint on a listener). When news of Andy’s tragic mishap broke in 2015, we had charity concerts in his support all across the country (yes, in Russia). Sadly, he passed away later that year. Most never had a chance to listen to him live but cherish these recordings.

That’s not to mention the infectious, quality music of all sorts and Phil Cunningham’s masterful arrangements in particular. It may not be “up to date” with the surgically precise, dry and heavily compressed sound of the modern commercial bands’ recordings, but that’s all the better. In many of the listeners that I know, SW touched something deep within, and stayed with them for life. Their music certainly helped me with my ups and downs over the years. These are the albums I’d recommend to anyone and everyone.