Wild And Beautiful

By Silly Wizard

  1. If I Was A Blackbird
  2. Inspector Donald Campbell Of Ness
    The Orphan
    Come Up Alang
  3. The Pearl
  4. Fishermen’s Song
    The Lament For The Fisherman’s Wife
  5. Hame, Hame, Hame
    Tha Mi Sgith
  6. Tha Mi Sgith
    Eck Stewart’s March
    MacKenzie’s Fancy
  7. Miss Patricia Meagher
    Laura Lynn Cunningham
  8. The Lad From Orkney
    Ril Bheara
    Richard Dwyer’s

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"Wild And Beautiful" - Silly Wizard

The Kestrel and Come Up Alang (Track 2) are two distinct jigs, not one tune as the submission under "Details" currently suggests.

A great album, my favourite of theirs. "The Pearl", an air of Phil Cunningham’s, as played here, is probably my favourite trad or trad-type track ever. (Phil and Aly Bain have recorded it: of course it’s good, but I think it’s been altered a bit, and sounds a tad more syrupy.)

Biography notes…

That’s some "Biography" of "Silly Wizard" listed above. How could you mention the band without including Andy M.Stewart, Phil Cunningham and Martin Hadden, all of whom are included in the photo ? There’s more accuracy on "Wikipedia", FFS.

Try this instead :


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Re: Wild And Beautiful

Wild & Beautiful indeed, an album of a great emotional range, more like a journey. Those don’t come out every year, yet they managed to record actual masterpieces every second year or so when they were active. While I’d still recommend Kiss The Tears Away for someone who hasn’t listened to Silly Wizard to start with, it matters little these days as people tend to download entire discographies. As long you don’t jump on "Early Years" first, you should be fine in any case!

RIP Andy.

P.S.: Not sure if Kenny got triggered by the LastFM bio that used to be added to each album/performer automatically (one was free to edit it on their website, but that would’ve been a sisyphean task I reckon), but the link above is now offline, so here’s the archived version of the bio: