Helter’s Celtic

By Ashley MacIsaac

  1. Fairy (Including Tullochgorum)
  2. The Green Fields Of Glentown
  3. Belle Cote
  4. The John Morrison
  5. The B Flat Cloggs
  6. Happy Go Lucky Clogg
    The Independent
  7. The Gravel Walk
  8. Whiz Kids
  9. New Orleans
  10. Oh Yes I Yes I Am
  11. I’m Movin On
  12. Andy Renwick’s Ferret
  13. Johnny Cope

One comment

Anyone know the names of the fiddle tunes in Whiz Kid’s?

There are two fiddle tunes in Whiz Kids. Anyone know the names of them? In particular, I’m looking for the one in E-dorian.

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