Live In Wanaka, New Zealand

By Calennig

  1. Dyfyrwch Gwŷr Llangrallo
    Hoffedd Miss Williams
    Llancesau Trefaldwyn
    Cymro O Ble?
  2. Cân Y Feri
  3. Llydaw
  4. When April Came To Rhymney
  5. Ynys Skye
    Nant Y Gwenith
    Pibddawns Ffrengig
  6. Old Soldiers
    The Miner’s Life
  7. Dŵr Glân
    Y Lili
    Nyth Y Gwcw
    Tŷ Coch Caerdydd
  8. Swansea Town
  9. Hoffder Y Dyn Ifanc
  10. Suo Gan
    Y Gelynnen
    Llantony Abbey
  11. Rolling Home To Dear Old Swansea
  12. Pigau’r Dur
    Gorymdaith Gwyr Harlech
    Y Derwydd
    Doed A Ddêl

One comment

"Calennig: Live In Wanaka, New Zealand"

Gin And Raspberry GRCDO26

Mick Tems ~ voice, diatonic accordeons
Pat Smith ~ voice, anglo-concertina, spoons
Martin Curtis ~ voice

Calennig ~

“Calennig toured three times to New Zealand, and our concert night in the stunningly-beautiful Southern Alps town of Wanaka will always be remembered with special fondness. We have Martin Curtis to thank for that; he brought along his big, old tape machine to make a personal memento of the gig, never meaning to distribute it. Some years later, I had the stroke and it looked like I would never play again. As a tribute to Calennig, Martin thought he would bring out a CD - and he realised he’d got a whopper, capturing all of Calennig’s excitement and communication with the packed audience. It’s 74 pulsating minutes of sheer joy!” ~ Mick Tems