Megin: Free Reed Music From Wales And The Marches

By Various Artists

  1. Meillionen
    Breuddwyd Y Frenhines
  2. Harddwch Mewn Dagrau
  3. Morfa’r Frenhines
  4. Brecon
    Dic Y Cymro
  5. Breuddwyd Y Frenhines
    Os Daw Fy Nghariad
  6. Tri A Chwech
    Mynydd Y Gaer
  7. Pwt Ar Y Bys
  8. Lawr A’r Ffrancod
    Medley Caerfaddon
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  9. Caniad Pibau Morfydd
    Y Gŵr A’i Farch
  10. Pant Corlan Yr Ŵyn
    15 Welsh Street
  11. Rhif Wyth Llanofer
  12. Per Oslef
    Difyrrwch Y Brenin Siôr
  13. Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
    Three Jolly Sheepskins
  14. Goronwy Owain
    Ffarwel I’r Marian

Two comments


Fflach, 1999
Fflach Tradd ~ CD212H

"Traditional accordion and concertina music from Wales and the Marches"

Musicians & tracks:

John Morgan ~ tracks 1, 8 & 14

Guto Dafis ~ tracks 2, 5, 7 & 9

Nick Passmore ~ track 3 & 6

John Kirkpatrick ~ tracks 4 & 13

Mick Tems & Pat Smith ~ tracks 5 & 12

Boz Boswell & Nick Passmore ~ track 6

Meg Browning and Neil Browning ~ track 11

The Living Tradition Review:

" ~ Apart from the instruments my only familiarity with Megin is that John Kirkpatrick is one of the featured musicians - and that should give you an idea of the musicianship to expect. The music is wonderfully varied and is, to quote the notes, "ancient and modern at the same time" - intricate and stylish. Wonderful stuff. ~ " ~ Danny Saunders

Megin - Welsh and Anglo-Welsh Border music on free reed instruments.

For me, the mordant and brooding air Morfa’r Frenhines absolutely stands out on this album (played by Nick Passmore, whom I know to be a superlative melodeon player - tho’ I’m not sure what he’s playing here).

For the rest, it’s high-quality squeezebox-playing of tunes that make a pleasant, happy sound but don’t (for me) individually stick out very much. An awful lot of English trad tunes are like this; maybe a lot of Welsh ones are as well. (This album takes in Welsh tunes and also tunes from the Anglo-Welsh border.)