Farewell To Lough Neaghe

By Bonnie Shaljean

  1. Pibddawns Y Tant
    Pibddawns Yr Ysgubau
    Pibddawns Y Blodau
  2. Roslin Castle
    The Lea Rig
  3. Captain O’Neill
    Colonel O’Hara
    Sir Festus Burke
  4. Bryd One Brere
    Fuwëles In The Frith
    Edi Be Thu, Heven-queenë
    Sumer Is Icumen In
  5. The Late Hour
    The Clocks-back
  6. Meillionen
  7. Maille Bheag O
  8. The Kilburn
    Diarmuid’s Well
    The Wild Irishman
  9. Childgroove
    ‘Twas Within A Furlong Of Edinburgh Town
    The Oak And The Ash
  10. Farewell To Lough Neaghe
  11. Pant Corlan Yr Ŵyn
    Pibddawns Jones
    Pwt Ar Y Bys
  12. Her Mantle So Green
    In Aonar Seal
  13. Port 4th
    Air By Fingal No. 1
    Air By Fingal No. 3
    Port 5th
  14. When She Cam Ben She Bobbit
  15. Planxty Drew
    Mary O’Neill
    Edmond MacDermott Roe
    The Maids Of Derry
  16. Caismeachd Mhic Iain ‘Ic Sheumais
    Marbhna Cathaoir Mhic Cába
  17. An PáistÍn Fionn
    Seán O’Duibhir An Ghleanna
  18. Port Priest
    Port Atholl
  19. I Was Not … Since Martinmas
    An Muileann Dubh
    The Highlandman Kissed His Mother
  20. Cumha Mhic Guidhir
    Táim I Mo Chodhladh Is Ná Duisigh Mé
  21. Maggy Lauther
    Boni Jean Makis Meikill Of Me

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"Farewell To Lough Neaghe" ~ Bonnie Shaljean

Saydisc 372, originally released on Saydisc 1988,
rereleased 1995

Irish, Scottish and Welsh music played on wire-strung Gaelic harp as well as a gut-strung Grecian pedal harp, tunes include those from the 19th Century Maclean-Clephane manuscipt from Mull.