Crasdant: Welsh Traditional Music

By Crasdant

  1. Pibddawns Mr Pring
    Pibddawns Corwen
    Dyn Y Geg
  2. Y Dydd
  3. Gwŷr Pen-dref
    Cwrw Melyn
    Hoffedd Ap Hywel
  4. Y Deryn Pur
    Chwi Fechgyn Glân Ffri
    Tafliad Carreg
  5. Glan Meddwdod Mwyn
  6. Fairy Glen
  7. Ymdaith Y Siandlwr
    Hela’r Sgyfarnog
    Cainc Ifan Ddall
  8. Penmaen-mawr
  9. Y Fedle Fawr
    Coleg Y Brifysgol Abertawe
  10. Polca Llewelyn Alaw
    Polca Trecynon
    Polca Cefn-Coed
  11. Y Crwtyn Llwyd
  12. Y Polacca Cymreig
    The Roaring
    Y Ceffylyn Rhygyngog
  13. Bethan Rhiannon
  14. Rachel Dafydd Ifan
    Cwrw Da
    Pibddawns Owen Huw

Three comments

“Crasdant: Cerddoriaeth Draddodiadol Gymreig”

Labels: Sain SCD 2220 & Marquis
Recorded in Stiwdio Sain, Llandrwog between December 1998 and January 1999.

Crasdant’s first album, music and clogging, released in 1999 with their first tour of North America ~
the musicians are:

Robin Huw Bowen ~ triple-harpist

Andy Mclauchlin ~ flute

Stephen Rees (of Ar Log) ~ fiddle, pibgorn, whistles & accordion

Huw Williams (singer/songwriters Huw & Tony Williams) ~ clogs & guitarist Huw & Tony Williams

The Living Tradition Review:

" ~ In some places, I personally found some of the tracks rather twee and a bit samey. I know this CD was recorded in less time than has done justice to their performance, as the group were preparing to fly out for a tour of the USA just days after it had been released. However, it’s an extensive repertoire of some very beautiful Welsh tunes, arranged and played in their traditional form.

Some of the tunes are from the ‘gypsy collections’ (Eldra Jarman of The Roberts Clan, Newton, Powys), Llewelyn Alaw collection (1829-1879) and from various other fiddlers and harpists from all over Wales.

Overall, I enjoyed the simplicity of this CD. ~ " ~ Siân Phillips

FolkWorld Review:

"Crasdant’s debut CD is a full delight, presenting tunes from Wales in a fresh and most beautiful way. ~
Their music - partly traditional, partly original - is beautifully arranged, and shows more the peaceful side of Welsh music. Still, the band has managed to give this CD a live feeling - especially the clog dancing on a few -tracks- gives a fresh and lively feeling to the CD. Crasdant’s music reminds me very much of The Chieftains - the quality and style of music and the approach are quite similar. ~ Highly recommended!" ~ Michael Moll

Re: Crasdant: Welsh Traditional Music

I love this album, and very much disagree with the online review that tracks sounded “samey.” My favorite is the slip jig set starting with “Gwyr Pen-Dref.” This was one of the first albums of Welsh traditional music that I had brought (having mostly just listened to Irish and English in the past), and I’d say it’s a great “introductory” album. Robin Huw Bowen also has some great music solo on harp.

Re: Crasdant: Welsh Traditional Music

Just to clarify on my last comment… Robin Huw Bowen’s solo harp playing is on his own albums, not this one.