Lost In Dunkineely

By Fling

Added by Wurzel .
  1. The Sea Breeze
    Trip To Pakistan
  2. The Rigs Of Rye
  3. Where Eternity Lies
  4. The Loose Bridle
    Lost In Dunkineely
  5. The Grey Cock
  6. Lord Franklin
  7. The Withering Of The Boughs
    The Sleepy Hill
  8. The Edinburgh Rock
    Greig’s Pipes
    John Nee’s
  9. The Maid Of Culmore
  10. The Song Of Wandering Aengus
  11. Tidelines

Two comments


Excellent music from the Netherlands. Pipes, flute, bodhran, fiddle, guitar in a superb combination.

Track listing

I’m afraid your listing would be more useful if you actually mentioned the tunes in each set, for example the first track comprises 2 tunes, The Sea Breeze and Trip to Pakistan