Traditional Irish Music Played On The Fiddle

By Tommy Peoples

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  1. King Of The Clans
    The Stars Of Munster
  2. Ban Chnoic Éirinn Ó
    The Trip To Durrow
  3. The Musical Priest
    McFadden’s Favourite
  4. Kit O’Mahoney’s
    John Blessing’s Delight
  5. Untitled lament
    Untitled strathspey
  6. King Of The Pipers
  7. Boy In The Gap
    Tom Billy’s
  8. The Echo
    The Queen Of The West
  9. Sean Ó Duibhir A Ghleanna
    Gan Ainm
  10. Farrell O’Gara
  11. Drumnagarry
    King George IV
  12. The Cook In The Kitchen
    Banish Misfortune

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Tommy Peoples’ album

The 10th track is a superb fiddle duet with his daughter Siobhán. This set is named The Bells of Tipperary.

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Since you have submitted the album, you have the opportunity to edit the track list, if you write in bells of Tipperary on track ten, there will be a link to the sheets.

What’s funny is that I just submitted a other Peoples album, and here he play a reel called the new policeman, wich actually is another name of the same tune, but Peoples verson sound a bit differennt. This tells something about Peoples musicality, that he is able to make several variations of the same tune that make them sound like different tunes.

The Bells of Tipperary

I have looked at the tunes named as The Bells Of Tipperary, it doesn’t match with any of the two reels on this track. That’ why I prefered to not write the name of this set directly in the track list.

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The Bells of Tipperary

I know the two tunes in this set as "Farrel (Fergal) O’Gara’s" and "Mulhaire’s". Fabulous playing!

Nobody better…

Traditional Irish Music Played on the Fiddle (released in 1993, but recorded in 1982)….