Master Irish Fiddle Player

By Tommy Peoples

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Couldn’t belive that this one was’nt submited yet!

The hornpipe The Norfolk is not available here yet, but I have it in Peoples collection - fifty irish fiddle tunes, availble from waltons.

The air port na mPuchai are also known as the fairy lament.

The hoggin’ is Peoples verson of the floggin reel I think?

Paddy O’Brian’s is probably a tune by Paddy O’Brien, but it is no typing error, it stands Paddy O’Brian’s in the album booklet.

Don’t you think it probable that there are errors in the sleeve notes.?

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I agree, I belive there are a typing error in the sleeve notes, but there is no typing error from me. If someone know the tune, let me know if the sheets are available at this site.

Not all links are correct. John Doherty’s on this album is not the reel, but the mazurka. Sherlock’s is linked with a hornpipe, but Peoples plays the reel. Can somone please submit sheets for this lovely tune (actually my favourite on this album). Pat Burke’s is linked with Garret Barry’s and I belive it is the same tune, but as always Peoples makes is own arrangement and some of the tunes is hard to recognise

Yes, that’s indeed the right tune, the link is right now. Thanks!

This album’s original title was ‘A Traditional Experience with Tommy Peoples’ and it was released in 1977 by Release Records (SOLO 7012).

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Re: Master Irish Fiddle Player

Does anyone know where I could get a copy of this recording?