The Rowsome Tradition: Five Generations Of Uileann Piping

By Kevin Rowsome

  1. The Limestone Rock
    The Five Mile Chase
  2. The Woods Of Kilkenny
    Young Roger Was A Ploughboy
  3. The Broken Pledge
    The College Groves
  4. The Wexford
  5. The Woodcock
    Put On Your Clothes
  6. Up And About In The Morning
    Old Man Dillon
  7. The Dublin Lasses
    John Doherty’s
  8. Blind Mary
  9. Kilcooley Woods
    The First Of May
  10. Staker Wallace
  11. Kitty’s Rambles
  12. The Trip To Bantry
    The Coming Of Spring
  13. O’Donnell Abu
    The Boys Of Wexford
  14. The Liverpool
  15. The Irish Rover
  16. Siege Of Ennis
    Gan Ainm
    Many A Wild Night
    White Cockade
  17. An Raibh Tu Ag An gCarraig
  18. The Coolin

Two comments

I was in Biology class today and she said (because there only a few of us in) we could have a free class. I asked her if I could go to Mr. Price and get a Cd player to listen to some music (Irish music of course, I knew he would have some). It was funny but he gave it to me and with it, this Kevin Rowsome recording. I had never Kevin’s playing before. So I took it in, and the lads were laughing but I was happy listening to it. But as I started listening more seriously, I found out that this guy was really good and instantly became one of my favourite pipers. I really like his style.

In relation to the recording itself, there is a good selection of different tunes which Kevin plays on tracks 1 - 12. Accompanying him are:

Lorraine Hickey - Fiddle
Pat Marsh - Bouzouki (Tracks 3 and 7)
Noel Ryan - Guitar (Tracks 3 and 7)
Mark Lysaght - Guitar (Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 12).

There is also some nice solo tracks of his playing and the recording quality is top class too.

A nice little treat though, is tracks 13 - 18.

These are archival clips of members of his family which he put on this album. They include clips from Leo (his grandfather), his father Leon and Liam Rowsome.

There are a lot of different piping styles so it would be hard to reccomend this album as it goes down to which style you prefer. I have not listened enough to pipers to make a comparison either but I wouldn’t think a general listener would be dissapointed.