The Rowsome Tradition: Five Generations Of Uileann Piping

By Kevin Rowsome

Two comments

I was in Biology class today and she said (because there only a few of us in) we could have a free class. I asked her if I could go to Mr. Price and get a Cd player to listen to some music (Irish music of course, I knew he would have some). It was funny but he gave it to me and with it, this Kevin Rowsome recording. I had never Kevin’s playing before. So I took it in, and the lads were laughing but I was happy listening to it. But as I started listening more seriously, I found out that this guy was really good and instantly became one of my favourite pipers. I really like his style.

In relation to the recording itself, there is a good selection of different tunes which Kevin plays on tracks 1 - 12. Accompanying him are:

Lorraine Hickey - Fiddle
Pat Marsh - Bouzouki (Tracks 3 and 7)
Noel Ryan - Guitar (Tracks 3 and 7)
Mark Lysaght - Guitar (Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 12).

There is also some nice solo tracks of his playing and the recording quality is top class too.

A nice little treat though, is tracks 13 - 18.

These are archival clips of members of his family which he put on this album. They include clips from Leo (his grandfather), his father Leon and Liam Rowsome.

There are a lot of different piping styles so it would be hard to reccomend this album as it goes down to which style you prefer. I have not listened enough to pipers to make a comparison either but I wouldn’t think a general listener would be dissapointed.