Dorney Rock

By Kevin Macleod

  1. The Girls Of Banbridge
    Larry The Beerdrinker
  2. The Moray Club
    The Norminator
  3. Pavane
  4. The Scattery Island
    Robert MacDonald’s
    Owen Hackett’s
  5. The Heights Of Cassino
    Banks Of The Bosphorus
    The Return From India
  6. Cancion Mixteca
  7. Brigadier General Ronald Cheape Of Tiroran
    Sixteen Miles To The Bottle
  8. The Little Stack Of Barley
    The Greencastle
  9. Tir Nam Bean
    The Mistletoe
  10. Miss Christine Lonie’s
    Miss Eileen O’Brien’s
  11. The Rialto
    The Naval Brigade
  12. Hector Macleod’s Farewell To Altadena
    Roddie Macleod, Polbain
  13. Miss Susan Cooper
    Calum Donaldson
    The Bonnie Isle Of Whalsay
  14. Farewell To The Creeks

Two comments

Excellent stuff

Kevin’s mandolin (and mando-family instruments) playing is simply beautiful. He has a lightness of touch and a keen sense of taste and is equally adept at Irish and Scottish material. The album is, more or less, a series of duets with Alec Finn (tracks 4, 6, 9 and 14), Kris Drever (trracks 1, 5, 7, 11 and 13) and Luke Plumb (tracks 2, 3, 8 and 10). Published by Greentrax, 2006, Catalogue number CDTRAX 302.

Celtic Mandolin at its best

I would endorse Aidan’s comments. This is really an excelent effort by Kevin and his pals. Bright, crisp playing and a must for Celtic mandolin players. If you enjoyed ’his early CD’s- you like this even more.