By Brian Hughes

  1. Rosemary Lane
    The Killavil
    Doherty’s Fancy
  2. Grainne’s Fancy
  3. An Chearc Is A HAl
    Reel Of Mullinavat
  4. The Piper’s
    The Table-Top Tumble
  5. O’Keeffe’s
    Terry Teahan’s
    Babes In The Wood
  6. Tuohy’s
    Man Of Aran
  7. Up Ya Boya
    Paddy McMahon’s
    Miss Bruce
  8. De Bharr Na GCnoc
  9. The Golden Keyboard
    John McKenna’s
    The Eel In The Sink
  10. The Rose In The Heather
    Killaloe Boat
  11. The Independent
    The Moving Pint
  12. Noirin Ni Riain’s
  13. O’Connell’s
  14. Tear The Calico
    Dispute At The Crossroads
    Martin Wynne’s

Five comments

The follow up to Whistle Stop. With Garry O Briain, James Blennerhasset, Donnchadh Gough, Nollaig Casey, Brendan O’Regan and Bruno Staehelin. On the Clo Iar-Chonnachta label, CICD 164. http://www.cic.ie

Brian Hughes, Whirlwind, track 4.????

Does anyone know the real name of the Piper’s Waltz ?
I think he only called it that because he learned it from a piper.
If someone could post the abc’s for it that would be fabulous (please pretty please with sugar on the top)

Brilliant playing ~ except for the speed, which is daft and only takes away from the music and an otherwise lovely style…

~ while track 11’s hp drags, limps along…

Track 4 …Piper’s Waltz

T:Pipers Waltz, The
D:Brian Hughes - Whirlwind, track 4a
Z:R W Cahill
D2 G2 B2 | B3 A GB | d3 ^c d^c | e2 d2 B2|
D2 F2 AB | c3 B cd | ed ^cd ed | B3 A GE |
D2 G2 B2 | B3 A GB | d3 ^c d^c | e2 d2 (3Bcd |
e2 ce ce | d2 Bd Bd | c2 cA GF |1 G4 E2 :|2 G4 GA ||
B3 G FE | D4 AB | c2 cB cd | c4 A2 |
A3 G FE | D4 Ac | B2 BA Bc | B3 A GE |
D2 G2 B2 | e2 (3ded B2 | (3ded (3cdc (3ABA | E3 G FE |
D2 DF AB | c4 AB | c2 (3BcB (3ABA |G4 Bc ||
d3 e cd | B4 AB | c2 cd cB | A3 G FE |
D2 DF AB | c3 B cd | ed ^cd ed | B3 A GE |
D2 G2 B2 | e2 (3ded B2 | (3ded (3cdc (3ABA | E3 G FE |
D2 DF AB | c4 AB | c2 (3BcB (3ABA |G6 ||