Compendium: The Best of Patrick Stteet

By Patrick Street

  1. Walsh’s Polkas:
    Jim Keefe’s
    Daly’s Mill
    Bill The Weaver’s
  2. Jenny Picking Cockles
    An Gabhran
    Jack Keane’s
  3. The Dream
  4. The White Petticoat
    The Kerry
    Katy Is Waiting
  5. Stewball And The Monaghan Grey Mare
  6. Rainbow ‘mid The Willows
  7. Newmarket Polkas:
    John Walsh’s No. 1
    Dan Mac’s
    Terry Teahan’s
  8. William Taylor
  9. The Set
    La Cardeuse
  10. Brackagh Hill
  11. Killanin’s Fancy
    Dash To Portobello
    Anna MaCullen
  12. Lintheads
    Lawrence Common
  13. Loftus Jones
  14. Music For A Found Harmonium

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Re: Compendium: The Best of Patrick Stteet

Released by Green Linnet in 2000.

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