New Century - Irish Music

By Ronan Le Bars And Nicolas Quéméner

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New century

Ronan Le Bars - Uilleann Pipes (D/C)
Nicolas Quéméner - Guitar, vocals
Ciaran Tourish - fiddle

Formidable album released in 2005.

The second set is named Big John Jigs.

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A good album. Not as good as their first one, though,IMHO.
Bimis Ag Ol is absolutely superb.

Track 10

The title of the last jig on track 10 is misspelled on the sleeve.
It is called "Castletown Connors" and matches this transcription:

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Could I hazard a few guesses here ?

Track #5 - 1st tune, = "The House Of Hamill" [ comp. Ed Reavy ] ?
Track #9 - 1st tune = "The Rowan Tree" ?
" " - 3rd tune = "Da Tusker" [ comp. Ronnie Cooper ] ?

"FiddleJ" - you could maybe check these out ? I don’t have this recording. Keeps things tidy and in order. 🙂

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