Live In Corofin

By Cruinniú

Six comments

Tune titles

The actual tune titles for the tunes in each medley are available at It would be good for the overall usefulness of the database if you (a_fiddle) could enter those titles in place of the track titles the band uses.

For lazy people:

1. The Milkyway. (Reels). The Milkyway / The Crock of Gold / The Green Mountain

2. Do You Love an Apple? (Song)

3. The Lark in the Bog. (Jigs) The Lark in the Bog / The Spotted Dog / Darby the Driver

4. The Boys Of Bluehill.(Hornpips/Barndance/Reel) The Boys of Bluehill / O’Flannagan Meets O’Hanlon / The Moneymusk

5. Na Cheannbhain Bhana (Song / Slip Jig)

6. Si Beag Si Mor. (O’Carolan piece)

7. Polkas. The Little Diamond / Gan Ainm

8. Roger the Miller.(Song)

9. The Pathway to the Well. (Jigs). The Pathway to the Well / The Ships in Full Sail.

10. The Galway Hornpipe . (Hornpipe/Reels). The Galway Hornpipe / Devaney’s Goat / Creig’s Pipes

11. Bantry Girl’s Lament. (Song)

12. The Maids Behind the Bar. (Reels) The Maid behind the Bar / O’Rourkes / The Coalminer / Anderson’s.