By Siamsa Tire

  1. Oilean
  2. Bad Beag Is Bad Mor
  3. Martin Wynne’s
    Jackie Coleman’s
  4. Beannacht O Ri An Haoine
  5. Barren Rocks Of Aden
    Blaskets No. 1
  6. De Bharr Na Gcnoc San Imigein
  7. Michael Burke’s
    The Union Quay
  8. Port Na BPucai
  9. Swallows Nest
    Siobhan O’Donnell’s
  10. Reidhchnoic Na Mna Dhuibhe
  11. The Wonder
    Ben Hill
  12. Is Maith An Bhean Muire Mhor
  13. The Ships Are Sailing
    Johnny Dennehy’s
  14. Idir Deighric Gus Breo
    Master Crowley’s
  15. Oilean

Two comments

Siamsa Tire

Siamsa Tire is the National Folk Theatre of Ireland in Tralee, Co. Kerry. This recording is the sountrack to "Oilean", their production about a group of people who tried to settle on the Blasket Islands in the early 20th century. The show is done entirely in Irish, and features some incredible dancing and singing (though, folksy rather than flashy). One does not need to know Irish to follow the story. I’d recommend the show to anyone who passes through Tralee.


Why did they try to settle on the Blaskets? They must have been mad, they must have been bonkers. Please put me right on this point, someone, if necessary.