Parallel Lines

By Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine

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  1. The Creggan White Hare
  2. The Lads O’ The Fair
    Leith Docks
  3. At Twenty-One
  4. My Back Pages
  5. The Dodgers Song
  6. Captain Thunderbolt
  7. Captain Colston
  8. Floo‘ers O’ The Forest
  9. Thousands Are Sailing To Amerikay

Five comments

I think it very unfair to Dick Gaughan to post this as an Andy Irvine album. From what I remember of this recording, it’s very much a duo album, and I’m damn sure it doesn’t say “featuring Dick Gaughan ” on the album cover. In the interests of fairness, and also accuracy, I think you should change that, PaddyC.


Ok Kenny. Done. I just picked Andy Irvine because he was in the drop down. Anyway, there you are, thanks.

Good man, PaddyC. But could you make it “GaughAn”, just in case someone was to do a search on “Gaughan” recordings. “GaughOn” wouldn’t turn up.