Nicely Wrong

By Feast Of Fiddles

  1. Out In The Ocean
    Haste To The Wedding
    Lanagan’s Ball
  2. Azerie
  3. A Wee Dram On The Side
  4. Too Late For Shadows
  5. East Neuk O’Fife
  6. Sir Roger De Coverly
  7. Oath For Indepenednce
    Tune For Land Of Snows
    Nuns Of Drachi Prison
  8. Battle Of The Somme
  9. Scott Skinner’s Compliments To Doctor MacDonald
    The Boy’s Lament For His Dragon
    The Gothenburg
    Lift Your Glass To The Landlady
    The Boys Of Malin
  10. The Water Is Wide
  11. Varso Vianna
  12. Anne Of Winster
  13. Dashing White Sergent
    Mason’s Aprons
    Mississippi Sawyer