Junction Pool

By Junction Pool

  1. A Traverse La Vitre
    Tain In The Rain
  2. Bah Hamburg
  3. Alister’s Bass Fiddle
    The Piper’s Nightmare
  4. Coppermill
    The Duck
  5. Use It Up
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    The Old Mountain Road
  6. Easy Peezy
    Yellow Hill
  7. Funky Whippets
  8. Happy One Step
    The Clumsy Lover
  9. The Seventeen Minutes To Twelve Strathslep
    Cheetham Hill
  10. Willliam’s
  11. Kincardine Lads
    The Inverbeg Incident
    Dr MacPhail’s

Four comments

Junction Pool

Consisting of thirteen young musicians from Kelso in the Scottish Borders, Junction Pool energetically merges musical styles in an uplifting fusion of folk, jazz and funk. Recent high profile gigs have included The Scottish Piping Centre and the Festival Club at Celtic Connections 2005 and the Hexham Gathering. This summer the band toured the Northern Isles, with a headlining slot at Orkney’s Make Poverty History concert.

Part folk band, part funk outfit, Junction Pool unites a diverse array of instruments, from fiddle to electric guitar; flute and whistles to djembe drums with pipes and brass. Under the direction of Harris Playfair, the band welds traditional and contemporary melodies with uplifting grooves and cutting-edge arrangements, resulting in an original and infectious live experience.


3rd tune in the 1st set is mis-spelt It’s “Kalabakan”, which I think is in Borneo. Congratulations on getting the CD out, Tom.

The Junction Pool

The Junction Pool is the stretch, or pool, of the River Tweed at Kelso just below where the Tweed is joined by its biggest tributary, the River Teviot. It is one of the most famous bits of river in the world of British salmon angling. I assume salmon lie up there a while before proceeding up one or other of the rivers, and so can be expected to be there in reasonable numbers, especially in the early season.

Re: Kalabakan

You’re very possibly right, Kenny - if you are though, it’s also mis-spelt in our album sleeve.

You can find out more about the band at www.junctionpool.com (coming soon, but there is a free download there right now), or at myspace.com/junctionpool

And we are indeed named after that piece of water, Nicholas - it’s all about the coming together of musicians, and styles, being a pool of musicians which we draw from, and being a bit fishy. Ok, maybe I made up that last one.