Black Black Black

By Cran

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Cran’s second album

This is Cran’s second album.
Ronan Browne joined to the band from this recording.
I really like this and "Farewell to Nigg" is too good.

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Not Hardiman

The very last tune is not Hardiman the Fiddler. I believe it’s Fraher’s.

Staimpi and The Wren

I just noticed that the tune The Wren,, is in the middle of the song, Staimpi. Funny coincidence that I bought this album and Lawrence Nugent’s Two for Two on the same day and found two versions of this same tune (Nugent labels it a Dans En Dro) which I, like many of the comment writers for The Wren, have heard Wild Asparagus play and have never heard or seen elsewhere.

Track 6, 3 tunes?

It sounds to me like there are 3 tunes in track 6. The first is Brendan Tonra’s and the last is Banks of Lough Gowna, as listed in the track listings. But it sounds like there’s a tune in between. Anyone with better tune identifying ears than me have any idea? Is it a different tune? Is it just Banks in a different key? Help.

The Kerry

None of the versions of The Kerry on this website is actually the tune you can hear in the Track 11 of this album. Is it really called The Kerry? Does anyone know the name of this wonderful tune?