Music All Around

By Brenda Stubbert

  1. Rick Daley’s Return
    Compliments To Melissa Emmons
    Charlie’s Aunt
  2. John MacFadyen Of Melford
    Jessie MacKenzie’s Favourite
    The Lion
    The Many Faces Of Howie MacDonald
    John Morris And Sally
  3. Benny & Phyllis MacKinnon
    Noreen Locke
    Willie Joe’s
  4. Never Was Piping So Gay
    Charlie Mulvihill’s Reel #1
    The Skylark
  5. In Praise Of Maureen MacKenzie
    Memories Of Donald Angus Beaton
    Mo Mhàiri Mhin Mheall’ Shuileach
    Dougie’s Favourite Squirrel
    The Burning House
  6. Miss Campbell’s
    The Bee’s Knees
  7. March Of The Cameron Men
    Mr Thomas Forbes
    Route 19
    The Nervous Man
  8. Mrs MacDouwal Grant
    Sarah’s Birthday
    Edwin MacLellan
  9. Tracey’s March
    Mr. Murray
    Annie Is My Darling
    Mrs. E. MacLeod
    Stephanie Wills
  10. Meeting Gigi
    My Great Friend John Morris
    Kalapa Valley
  11. The Blackburnian
    The Four Musketeers
    John MacLean’s Favourite
  12. Crossing To Ireland
    Nicholas McInnis
    John D (Donnie) MacDougall’s
    Jean MacNeil’s

One comment

“Music All Around: Brenda Stubbert”

Cranford Publications, 2003

Brenda Stubbert ~ Fiddle
Stephanie Wills ~ piano & fiddle
Paul MacDonald ~ guitar
Stewart MacNeil ~ accordion & flute
Ed Woodsworth ~ acoustic bass (one track)

"Brenda Stubbert is one of the most popular dance players in Cape Breton. Her fifth album, Music All Around is the work of a mature artist at the peak of her powers. Brenda’s compositions fit seamlessly with older melodies. Her well crafted medleys leave listeners looking for more.

Recorded in the front room of a country home, a room full of attentive friends, the music was captured with natural acoustics and no effects. The result is magical, transporting listeners to the inner circle of a Cape Breton music session."

The Living Tradition Review

Review by Mark Sustic, Fairfax, Vermont