Stepping Up: English Country Dance Music

By Various Artists

  1. Speed The Plough
  2. Jenny Lind
    The Girl I Left Behind Me
  3. New Rigged Ship
  4. When There Isn’t A Girl About
    Peggy Wood
    Looking For A Partner
  5. Herbert Smith’s
  6. Walter Bulwer’s No. 2
    Walter Bulwer’s No. 1
  7. Down The Road
    See Me Dance The
  8. High Level
    Uncle George’s
  9. Harper’s Frolic
    Bonny Kate
  10. Marmalade
  11. The Italian Job
    Lodge Road
  12. Kentish Cricketers
  13. One For Dan
  14. Johnny O’Leary’s
    Mrs. O’Dwyer’s
  15. Sloe Benga
  16. The Flying Pieman
    Ripple Of The Teign
  17. The Old John Peel
    Tom Cave’s
  18. The Duke Of Cornwall’s
  19. When It’s Night Time In Italy
    Climbing Up The Golden Stairs
    The Thaxted Square
  20. May Reel No. 1
    Bacca Pipes
  21. Queen Of The May
  22. No Man’s
    The Hanoverian Dance
    Three Jolly Sheepskins
  23. The Final Last Banana
    The Sleeve In The Cheese

Three comments

Stepping Up - English Country Dance Music

I can vouch for The Italian Job and Lodge Road as tunes - they’re by Rod Stradling, and good 4/4 box tunes. They feature on an album made by The English Country Blues Band, of which Stradling was (is?) a member.

Damn nicholas, you beat me back to this. I had to go and hadn’t finished the particulars. They follow ~ 🙂

"Stepping Up: A History of the New Wave of English Country Dance Music"

Topic TSCD752, 2004

Tracks & Artists:

1.) The Morris Motors Band
2.) Walter & Daisy Bulwer, Billy Cooper
3.) Oak
4.) The Leeds Band
5.) Webb’s Wonders
6.) The Old Swan Band
7.) Flowers & Frolics
8.) Ashley Hutchings
9.) The New Victory Band
10.) Umps and Dumps
11.) The English Counttry Blues Band
12.) Oysterband
13.) The Cock and Bull Band
14.) Gas Mark 5
15.) Tiger Moth
16.) The Old Hat Dance Band
17.) The Geckoes
18.) The Posh Band
19.) Mark Bazeley & Jason Rice
20.) Dr. Faustus
21.) Grand Union
22.) Eliza Carthy Band
23. Whapweasel