Vive La Rose

By Emile Benoit

  1. Christina’s Dream
    Tootsie Wootsie
  2. Neil Murray’s Dinner
    Go To The Cape Uncle Joe
    Forgotten Note
  3. Noel Dinn
    Pamela’s Lonely Nights
  4. Vive La Rose
  5. Waltz In The House
  6. The Land We’re Walking On
  7. Skipper & Company
    On The Road Again
  8. Festival
    Jeff’s Tune
    Meech Lake Breakdown
    McCormack’s Breakdown
  9. Sally’s Waltz
    Wedding Waltz
  10. Fight For Your Rights
  11. Jerry’s Red Mountain
    Le Papier ‘Le Gaboteur’
  12. Lady Margaret
  13. Brother’s Farewell
    Caribou Skin Nailed Around The Circle
    Wayne And The Bear

One comment

Viva La Rose

Emile Benoit, along with Rufus Guinchard, are considered (by pretty much everyone from here) to be the fathers of Newfoundland fiddle music. On this album, we find Emile in the twilight years of his life and his fiddle playing reflects that. However, a keen ear can tell, even at this point in his life, that Emile Benoit was without a doubt one of finest fiddlers to ever grace the shores of Newfoundland. He remains one of the most influential figures in traditional Newfoundland music. Many of his compostions are still played at sessions around Newfoundland.
In fact, another Newfoundland fiddling great, Kelly Russell, has compiled a fantastic collection of the fiddle music of Emile Benoit and Rufus Guinchard, simply entitled Kelly Russell’s Collection: The Fiddle Music of Newfoundland & Labrador Volume 1. It’s available through Pigeon Inlet Productions.
Warm hearted, full of energy, and a sense of humor that couldn’t be beat, Emile is missed by all who knew him and those who never had the pleasure. I, sadly, being in the later category.