Blowing Through The Reeds

By Steve Shaw And Martin Cole

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  1. City Of Savannah
  2. Lord Inchiquin
  3. Mary Staunton’s
    Brendan McMahon’s
    Flax In Bloom
  4. Out On The Ocean
    The Blarney Pilgrim
  5. Eleanor Plunkett
  6. Proudlock’s
  7. Shores Of Lough Gowna
    The Trip To Durrow
  8. Farewell Rose Of England (song)
  9. Ger The Rigger
    Bill Sullivan’s
  10. Bridget Cruise
    The Snowy Path
  11. Barrowburn
    Far From Home
  12. The Butterfly
  13. Teahan’s Favourite
    Johnny Mickey’s
  14. Dublin
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley

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Blowing Through The Reeds

This album contains tunes from Ireland and Great Britain arranged for diatonic harmonica, mostly for blues harps (don’t expect any wailing though), with just one track featuring tremolo harmonica. There is one song, composed and sung by Martin Cole.