The Diamond Mountain Sessions

By Sharon Shannon

Seven comments

The Slan Le Van tune has got to be the most embaressing tune ever recorded !!

Hounds of Letterfrack

This set consists of 2 reels + 2 jigs:
Martin O’Connor’s Flying Clog (Phil Cunningham)
The Slopes of Benbulben (John Regan)
Tae in the Bog (Fr. Seamus Quinn)
The Hounds of Letterfrack (trad)

The modern practice of making up set names to hide the individual tune titles, then listing only the set name on album listings drives me crazy! 🙂

Fire in the Bellies

This excellent set consists of:
The air tune
The Road to Recovery
Farewell to Chernobyl

All of these are listed on this site

Last tune in Letterfrack?

Anyone know the real last jig in Hounds of Letterfrack? The title tune is the first tune (aka Martin O’Connor’s Flying Clog). But that last jig is wonderful…

Hidden tracks….

There appear to be some “hidden” tracks on this recording. I just let the last track play on , and someone whistles [ orally ] the 2nd “Crowley’s” reel, and then Sharon Shannon plays “Aires de Pontevedra”.